Southern Demonology
New episodes release Mondays at 2PM Eastern Time!

Your Worst Friend

The home of the Your Worst Friend comedy podcast with Shane and Matt

Japan Explained

Japan Explained is a podcast about diverse aspects of Japanese Culture. I am tired of hearing the same old myths about Japan and I hope you are too. So let me explain you the real Japan!

Victor from Trailer Trash Terror

Trailer Trash Genius is an upcoming podcast hosted by Victor which focuses on everything from the paranormal to epistemology.

Talk in the Night with Paranormal Phil

Talk in the Night is hosted by Paranormal Phil who modeled the show after Coast to Coast AM. It airs every weekday night for two hours.

Macabre World Podcast

Join your host Rocky Digati as she takes us all on a tour featuring interviews, arts, culture, news, and stories from the grim, dark, macabre and amazing world around us

Cookeville Ghost Hunters

Cookeville Ghost Hunters is a podcast operated by a paranormal researcher based in Cookeville, TN

Jonathan Dugan

Jonathan is a discerner of spirits who also runs the podcast Jumpshots from the Goaline

Scaring the Kids

Welcome to the intersection of parenting and horror!

Demon Folklorist

A blog about demons, horror movies, and folklore

KL McDaniel (Kathy)

KL McDaniel is author of Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat

Discoveries and Dereliction

Discoveries and Dereliction is a UK YouTube channel that hosts a Paranormal Radio segment

Christina Grobmeier

Christy is a Master's student at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Her interests are Aramaic incantation bowls, Second Temple Jerusalem, and cult movements - she only does religion and pop culture for fun.