Southern Demonology
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About Southern Demonology

During the day, I am a mild-mannered web developer who leads teams to develop fantastic sites and features in the wild west of the modern javascript landscape. However, what I went to school for was much, much different.

I started off college majoring in Philosophy and Physics, but after reaching my cap in math, I switched Physics to Religion. Even though Philosophy was my first love, I switched my focus to something that captured my attention even more: Semitic Philology and the Pseudepigrapha, a collection of works written between the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament. These strange books delve into attempting to answer in an authoritative manner some problematic theological areas which more often than not delves into the concepts of duality, angels, and evil.

Programming stole me away from academia, but my fascination with angelology, demonology, ghosts, monsters, and spirits never went away. After having several interesting discussions in our dev room, a few people suggested starting a podcast. At first I didn't give the matter much thought as I hate the sound of my own voice.

Yet as the days continued to march forward, that seed of a suggestion kept growing until I couldn't deny my interest. After all, I haven't been able to do anything with my degree in a long time.

And so Southern Demonology was born!

If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to hear discussed, please contact me. I truly hope you enjoy listening!